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By: sherriheister4454 | December 15, 2017

Microsoft Excel is known as a spreadsheet application. This allows you to manipulate numerical data. When you open Excel, you are given a grid-like page which is known as a worksheet. Here is where your information will be held.

Microsoft Excel is fully equipped with powerful functions to suit everyone's needs whether academic or business uses. As the year advances, further developments have only contributed to the great functionality of this Microsoft office application while still maintaining user friendliness to be used by anyone of any skill level.

Many advantages result from the use of Microsoft Excel. Organizing and comparing data may become tedious and burdening if done manually without excel help. It enables users to create lists and organize as well as compare them with ease. With the spreadsheet format of this application, you will find it easy to separate rows and columns of data.

Excel proves to be a user-friendly application whether when working for a business financial data or keeping up with your checkbook. Excel makes this kind of tasks easily and simply done. Microsoft Excel is also useful in completing math assignments, building mailing lists, organizing the book, music, and video collection and so on. It is an essential tool in planning your family budget. 

Microsoft Excel has the following features. It allows you to automatically compute for the average, sum, difference, o product of a series of figures. It is also fully equipped with functions that can solve more sophisticated financial calculation and statistics. It can also be used for logical statement comparisons. Excel is also essential for data analysis functions. Data can be sorted, filtered, imported and used to create pivot tables and graphs. Some other features include various tools that allow proper formatting and customization. It is also possible to work on multiple spreadsheets at the same time as you can create and manage several sheets within one workbook in Excel.

There are many practical uses of excel, most people will use it to create personal data. This is because Excel is designed to make data gathering, organization, and analysis convenient and straightforward. Data can be further analyzed as excel allows the creation of grids and charts. Calculating is usually a simple task with Microsoft excel no matter the amount of data involved. This makes it ideal for business reports. Keep reading here.

Other than the corporate uses of excel it is also a friendly application to homemakers and students. Visit this website for more info.

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